Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Kosbab_full If my garden blather didn’t satiate your need to know all things moi, the Stitch crew has just posted a Q&A with me on their new blog, and the friendly new faces at Quilter’s Home interview me on the back page of their current issue (from whence comes this charming portrait).

I was a little in the doghouse with my guild friends for referring to them as “older,” so by way of official clarification: I’m 27 (I think; I always have to do the math), so that means none of my “older” quilting friends are a day over 30. And Helen, I’d rather spend the day with you and the appliqué lot than any silly twit my age!

Is it June already?

The weather in northern California would certainly have us think otherwise. But today is sunny, and this morning we were greeted with some lovely new blooms in our back garden…

Iceland poppies

Iceland poppy

moss rose

Before moving to this house, I’ve never had a pot to plant in, so to speak, so gardening is all new to me. The Other loves poppies (no, not for the opium, silly), and they’re becoming a favorite of mine too—I mean, what beats bizarrely large flowers in loud colors on scrawny, hairy stalks? Moss roses, like the one in the last photo, are another of my new best friends.

Off to do some pruning!