Thursday, March 22, 2007

Unearthed from the basement

art glass and dishes from my great aunt's house

My great aunt passed away a couple weeks ago, so the Mother went up to help sort out the treasure trove of stuff she'd amassed in her basement. Aunt Mary's basement was legendary when I was growing up—linens, clothes, antiques, and probably the lost city of Atlantis were down there. She was a lot of fun, and I wish I'd known her better.

The Mother rescued some of the linens from the basement and put the things in the photo aside for me. The glass bowl is really a deep ashtray, perfect for my collection of blobtastic, somewhat creepily shaped art glass. I already have several pieces in this color, but they're all taller, so this will be a nice contrast.

Even better is the unassuming aqua bowl in the background. It's the Fashion Shape sugar bowl from the Midwinter Modern series of dishes, of which I've collected the teapot, coffeepot, cups and saucers, various plates, and a cream jug in the Cassandra pattern. The creamer had come with the coffeepot, so it was pure luck that the Mother happened across the one piece I needed to complete the tea service. I should really post some photos of the other pieces, since the sugar bowl doesn't even hint at the deliciously graceful curves of the rest of the series. The spare teapot lid is an extra score.

Less soda, more tea for me, I think.

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