Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So long, days of tidiness


I've been lax about posting since packing up my apartment has kicked into high gear, partly because the boxes, rubbish, and other various bits scattered round the place are making my brain quite a confused place. I just posted some photos on Flickr in memoriam cleaner days.

Quilting is more or less on hold, though I'll likely hit a fabric shop or two with the Mother when I see her this weekend for Middle Brother's wedding. I finished a backing for Spots so I can hand it off to her for quilting—I thought I had enough print scraps from the top to easily make the backing, but it ended up being a stretch. I'd show you a photo, but there isn't a clear surface available for picture-taking in the whole apartment! It's seriously making me bonkers.


Mark Lipinski said...

Not sure how to email you! Just wanted to say how much I love your blog! I think it's just the greatest and full of such terrific information and photography! Thanks for sharing it all with us! ML

michael5000 said...

Eh, it's hard to focus on quilting in summer anyway. Who wants six pounds of fabric on his lap when it's 96 degrees. I hardly do anything in July and August, but then try to hit it pretty hard in September once things cool off and settle down.