Monday, March 17, 2008

Serendipitous thrifting

recent thrift store haul

The thrift stores in California have been good to us. In fact, some of our scores have been so perfect as to be creepy. See the tablecloth under the rest of our booty? Well, does it remind you of this tea towel from Berlin?

vintage Bavarian tea towel

Felis Domesticus likes the tablecloth too, though you'd never know it from her usual grumpy expression.

a grouchy beast

An even better match to the tablecloth were these placemats that I found shortly after the tablecloth.

vintage linens

Really nice coarse linen, still in the original packaging! The only problem is that the label stickers leave some gummy residue—need to research how to get rid of it.

Nothing creepy about a well-matched set of linens, though. The scary bit is that while in Berlin I designed a quilt inspired by the the German tea towel that looks eerily similar to the tablecloth, which of course I hadn't yet laid eyes on.

Flower Patch blocks

These are just a couple of the blocks that I've been whizzing through the machine. Same basic colours and layout as the tablecloth, see? Did I peer into the future and design a quilt based on linens that had yet to find me? Bizarre. The only thing that seems to rival the number of pink and orange table linens we've found is the number of pink and orange quilting fabrics out there. It's a great colour combo, but who knew it was so prevalent?


Michael5000 said...

That actually IS kind of freaky....

Campus Crafter said...

now you will definitely have to make that quilt...

dave said...

I see the photo of the wretched beast on the page.. She isn't so wretched is she?

Lisa said...

Oh, wow! Your quilt looks JUST like the tablecloth. I sometimes do stuff like that, too, and then I wonder if all my ideas are just subconsciously ripped off of someone else. Nothing new under the sun, huh?
Where is a finished picture of this quilt? I love these squares! (Or are you like me and you have 30 billion quilts started and only about 10 finished?)