Friday, June 20, 2008

If you're the Other, don't look

Sigh. 'Twas a long week of work deadlines, but I found my afternoon free today, so I plopped down for a bit of hand-sewing. I've recently taken to stockpiling patterns (and untold megabytes of any other PDF I can get my grubby digital mitts on) in nicely organized folders, which is lovely to browse but not tremendously useful unless I'm actually going to make something. So knowing the Other needed a pincushion for his slowly blossoming sewing exploits, I printed out this hedgehog pattern from Urban Debris and whipped it up. The Other gets a pincushion, I get a nice afternoon project, and my patterns folder gets some justification.

felt hedgehog pincushion

Cute, isn't he? I've been sewing a lot of small felt stuff in the last couple weeks 'cause it's quick, easy, and relaxing, and I can't seem to get the sewing room tidy enough to start cutting for the next quilt top. But I'm under deadline for a wedding quilt, so must get arse in gear!