Friday, November 21, 2008

Felt photoshoot

I've been stitching up a storm of felt sweets while watching TV, and we've been finding lots of fun vintage dishes in thrift stores. It was time to get them in front of the camera, so I staged a little photoshoot. So here are the dishes and felt food together, showing you the latest looks coming down the runway from the House of Feed Dog. With snacks from both sides of the Atlantic, this collection also draws on Japanese patterns, making it a truly international felt statement. Head to the linked books and websites for some patterns to whet your appetite for the original patterns that are on their way!


Our first look is a pair of doughnuts flanked by two saucy little French fancies. Oh la la! These desserts sparkle on Modern Star dishes by Taylor, Smith & Taylor. The sprinkle doughnut is from this pattern and the cruller comes from My Favorite Felt Sweets. The fancies are an original pattern.


Showing off the lovely Franciscan Antigua is a tasty spread of cakes and pastries. The strawberry pinwheel and caramel-banana square are straight from the pages of My Favorite Felt Sweets, while the raspberry tart pattern comes to us in its native language, all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun, in Felted Sweet Treats . Thank goodness for help interpreting!


But there's more Franciscan in this line—just take a look at this Merry-Go-Round teacup, dressed to the nines with a pretzel biscuit (again from My Favorite Felt Sweets) and an off-brand Oreo cookie, a Feed Dog original.


Ravishing on Taylorstone Etruscan, our next plate of puddings offers an eclectic range of treats, whether you fancy a luscious mixed berry pie or scrumptious strawberry shortcake (apparently taking a 16th-century ruff as its inspiration). Both are from My Favorite Felt Sweets. But what's a mouse doing amidst these sweets? It's a sugar mouse, of course! Adapted from Runo's pincushion pattern.


A daintier selection of chocolates (My Favorite Felt Sweets) look just as tempting on the classic Midwinter Cassandra, though the marshmallow Peep seems an unseasonable misstep in this fall collection. The design is appealing, but the gaudy color seems at odds with the more subtle tones of the chocolate mint, berry cream chocolate, and mocha meringue drop.


While Franciscan Starburst is an old favourite, this piece is a relative newcomer to the collection and makes a charming backdrop for a sneak peek at two dessert prototypes cut from the same original pattern: that English teatime delight, the Bakewell tart, and a cream-filled chocolate cupcake, found in the lunchboxes of so many American schoolchildren. Look for the two-for-one pattern soon as an Anglo-American Snack Pack!


Let's bring out the models one last time for a final walk, all together. Divine! Delectable! Fierce! Fabulous! These girls know how to work it.


Anonymous said...

The Peep wins, hands down.

Those are so cute! And I love your photoshoot. :D


jen said...

I've read your blog for quite a while now but these felt goodies have drawn me out of lurkdom. I absolutely love the raspberries. Lovely photos (and the modern star crockery is to die for)!

Campus Crafter said...

of course i would find these cute (even though you hate the word...)! and i agree. the peep has no competition with the other baked goods!

Erin said...

Lovely! I am doing a hand-made Christmas for my girls this year (partly to just clear out my fabric stash!), and food is definitely on the list of things to make. Thank you for the pictures.

Denise Felton said...

OMG, these rock so hard! I've scheduled a link to this post to go live on my blog Friday morning (Central USA time), Nov. 28. I hope it brings you a few extra clicks.


Anna Betts said...

These are amazing! So cute and clever! They'd make really original Christmas tree decorations too, although you've probably already thought of that :)

Feed Dog said...

Thanks for commenting, everybody! I think I'm getting obsessive—I've already sewn up several more. They're starting to crowd me out.

@Anna: Actually, I hadn't thought of that! But it's a great idea.

Sidsel said...

Hello :)
I was wondering where you got your felt from? I've bought the book 'My Favourite Felt Sweets' and now I just can't find where to buy all the different colours of felt. Can you help me? :)