Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christmas catch-up, part 1

Fabric, stitching, and paper Christmas cards

I hate to admit that I only got my last Chrimbo package sent out yesterday, so it'll be another day or two before I can show all the pressies I made. Despite the lack of travel, 'twas a busy holiday season round here with work and whatnot, so things got a little delayed. Felis Domesticus of course was no help in getting things done:

The most useless elf

Yes, thank you, beast, it really helps when you plop down on something I'm sewing. Cheers for that.

As you can see she's been more naughty than nice this year, but the Other insisted that I needed to make her a stocking. All the better to fill with coal, I thought, but Father Christmas took a rosier view of her behaviour and showered her with gifts. And though she was meant to wait for Christmas morning like everyone else, she insisted on stuffing her snout into the stocking on Christmas Eve.

What's this?

Ooo, feathers!

A new toy to disembowel!

So Felis Domesticus had a very merry Christmas spreading this new toy's feathers all over the place. And if she stays on her best behaviour, perhaps Santa will be as kind to her next year.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, mischievous little creatures :) My boyfriends cat always "helps" me sewing, she drives me crazy.

Feed Dog said...

Yeah, I think they're about as helpful as the kid that insists on "helping" mom in the kitchen. I guess they lend moral support?

Anonymous said...

Moral support? Not sure about that, but at least they force us to make a break once in a while.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

thelady said...

I love his caught in the act expression.