Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Stitch, Spring 2011: Banana-Peel Pencil Case

Banana-Peel Pencil Case with top open

cover_stitch_spr11_200The Other has a bit of a pen fetish and is always asking me to come up with fun pen cases for him. Sure, a simple bag with a zip is all you really need to corral a few pens and pencils, but what if you put three zippers in? Then you might get something like the Banana-Peel Pencil Case I designed for the Spring 2011 issue of Stitch, which stands up to allow easy pencil grabbing, or…

Banana-Peel Pencil Case with side open

…opens up on its side like a conventional pencil case. The exposed zippers give an extra splash of color and make the construction a little less scary too. I daresay I’m getting over zipperphobia, though—they really aren’t very frightening with a little practice.

Banana-Peel Pencil Case standing

Get the pattern for the pencil case in Stitch, out now!


gill said...

This looks great fun!
I wish I could find a copy of this magazine in the UK!

Scott at the Blue Nickel said...

that looks like a Great project! good job!!

Shawn said...

Hi Kevin. Thanks for the email with the picture. I'm ready to tackle it again. Love this banana peel.