Thursday, June 23, 2011

Appliqué retreat at Lake Tahoe

sunset over Lake Tahoe

I spent last week at Sandra Mollon’s Appliqué Academy up at Lake Tahoe, and while we didn’t get up to quite the same chair-trolley antics as last year, the Mother was along this time so my quilting friends got a firsthand view of the tree from which the apple fell.

works in progress

The Valentine, Halloween, and fruit blocks are the work of fellow retreat-goers, while the wild colors on the left, of course, are what I was working on—some peacocks for my next quilt pattern.

It was great having a chance to sew with the Mother rather than trying to describe our respective projects down the phone—and speaking of which, do you want to see what she was working on at the retreat?

I showed my stuff first ’cause hers kind of puts it to shame, no? The way she shades the petals with fussy-cut fabric is incredible, and these blocks (along with the seven others that will make up the quilt) are of her own design, based on Chinese embroideries. While waiting for a flight delay, we hurriedly got her set up on Flickr and a blog of her own—stop by The Happy Appliquer and let her know you want to see more! She’s as prolific as she is talented with appliqué, so I’m sure it’ll be a good read as long as I haven’t totally confused her with the rushed explanation of the computery stuff.

Thanks for coming out, Mom, and thanks Sandra for another great retreat!


mlm said...

I just visited your mother's blog. Her work is amazing. What an inspiration. I am new to applique and I am always looking for new inspiration.

pasqueflower said...

Beautiful blocks!!!! I am SO jealous!

I attended the first ever Baltimore on the Prairie retreat two years ago. Wonderful experience. It's become an annual event.

LeAnn aka pasqueflower