Thursday, May 31, 2012

Presenting…Secrets of Home Décor Sewing!

On set

That’s me on the set of my Stitch Workshop video less than a month ago, and thanks to the superhuman video team at Interweave, the video is already available for download (or to preorder on DVD)! Having gotten used to working on a year-plus book schedule, it feels like quite a whirlwind.

Secrets of Home Décor Sewing: Pillows, Cording, & Simple Patchwork Slipcovers

Like the cover says, the video’s all about home-dec sewing—easy ways to sew pillows and more to dress up your living space. Home dec was what got me sewing in the first place, so I cover all the basics in the video for people who might be similarly new to the field. One of the best things about sewing for the home is how accessible it is—if you can run a sewing machine, you can make a pillow.

Of course, there’re a few tricks to make it easier, and I share all the tips I’ve got in the video. You can see how I join the ends of piping cord, for example, in this preview from the Sew Daily Shop:

For more tips and tricks to build your home-dec sewing skills, download and watch the video now or preorder the DVD, which is scheduled for a June 26 release. And keep an eye out for more home-dec hints here during the countdown to the DVD’s arrival.

Update: To see everything in intimate detail, the video is also available in high definition.

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Mintyfresh said...

Congrats, Kevin!! Haven't heard your voice in so long--all the Oxford is gone!