Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Solids in EQ7

It’s been awfully quiet round these parts, mainly because my book and several other projects are keeping me busy, but I wanted to come out of the woodwork to mention a guest post I wrote up for the EQ blog, which went live yesterday.


It’s all about using solid fabrics in EQ7, including converting the built-in solid colors to real solid fabrics produced by various manufacturers. The magic ingredient is a Solid Fabrics library you can download and add to your EQ7 Fabric Library, painstakingly created by yours truly (OK, so I take perverse pleasure in cataloguing and organizing things like that, but it still took quite a bit of time).

The download link was left out when the post went up yesterday, so in the meantime you can download the library from my website. Update: The library file is now uploaded and linked from the EQ blog post, so you can download it direct from there too.

It’s a long post, but if you design in EQ and sew with solid fabrics, I think you’ll really find it helpful!


Anonymous said...

Thank you ... I rarely work with solids in virtual or real quilts, but I am going to have a go!
(All I want for Christmas is more time to play in EQ.)

Heather said...

Wow, looks like this was lots of effort on your part but should be really useful!

Gene Black said...

Thanks, I have never loved the "solids" in EQ, I am hoping this will inspire me to (buy and) use more solids.