Friday, February 14, 2014

Free heart appliqué pattern

heart applique

Hearts have never been a motif I’ve liked much, nor has Valentine’s Day been top on my list of favorite holidays. But there’s no denying that a heart shape is perfect for learning to appliqué. It’s got it all: inner curves, outer curves, inside corners, and outside points—all the things you need to learn how to sew for any appliqué method.

Despite this natural appropriateness, I avoided using hearts in the projects and illustrations for The Quilter’s Appliqué Workshop, mainly because they just seem a little too twee. But it is Valentine’s Day (like it or not), my book does come out this month, and I did need a shape to try out blanket-stitch appliqué on my relatively new sewing machine. So I gave in.

I drew up an Alexander Girard–inspired heart that’s fairly geometric and squat, a little more mod than the typical primitive or playing-card heart. So download the free PDF pattern or EQ7 project file and set your sewing machines to twee!

The EQ file also includes a quilt design using the heart motif laid out in a half-drop pattern and colored in a sort of ombré from red to hot pink. Maybe he doth protest too much?

Half-Drop Heart quilt

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Heather said...

I am not usually too fond of hearts either but these might make me change my mind!