Friday, September 04, 2015

Giveaway: my new Craftsy class!

If you follow my Facebook page or have stopped by my freshly redesigned website, you may have already heard the exciting news: I’ve shot a class with Craftsy, and it’s coming out soon!

In the class, I walk you through preparing and sewing appliqué in several different ways, by hand and machine, and I share lots of tips for making appliqué easy and fun. For each technique, we’ll sew a pear quilt block I designed specifically to include all the things you’ll run into when appliquéing, like curves, corners, and overlapping pieces.

One of the great things about Craftsy classes is that you can ask the instructor questions, so if you run into any trouble spots, I’ll be there to help you out, and so will your fellow students. And then you can post photos of your work so we can all ooo and ahh over them!

The class launches in a couple weeks. Until then, enter here for a chance to win the class for free! And stay tuned for more details.
Congratulations to Craftsy member gtcoursey, winner of the free class! Thanks to everyone who entered. Click here to enroll in the class for 25% off!


Zenia Rene said...

Hey Kevin! Congrats on the class! Your new web design is fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win! I hope I'm the winner. =)

knithappy said...

I just signed up for your class today. I'm really excited to learn about different appliqué techniques!