Tuesday, May 29, 2007

For every quilt a pillow

one of my favourite corners

Really, this post is to brag that my Column Inches quilt top is finished, but I like this picture better since it's one of my favourite corners of my apartment, perfect for curling up to read (you'd be surprised how comfy the fiberglass Eames chair is). But let me draw your attention to the pillow plopped on the chair, stitched together out of Column Inches scraps. Log cabin pillows have been floating around the Net for quite some time, and this is my first go at it. Am I the only one who wants to make pillowcases, cushions, and generally a complete set of bedding for every quilt he finishes? Here's a closer view:

log cabin pillow to match my Column Inches quilt

The pillow was a good way to try out a quilting-thread color (white or off-white? Oh, the decisions!) before committing to the whole quilt top—which, by the way, is here:

Column inches quilt top

I love the way it matches the chairs. It was a pleasant surprise, and Minty was quick to notice it on Flickr. The Mother took the top back with her when she and the Father came to visit last week, and I'm trying to get her to do some sort of cursive writing in the quilting. This is on the bottom of her quilting stack, though, since she put the Other's flamingo quilt to the head of the queue. (I was binding it all weekend and am just waiting for some better light to get a halfway decent photo of it.)

Column Inches was my second use of typography in a quilt (Card Catalog was the first), and I have a few other ideas knocking about for other forms of what I'd call, if I were a cheesy postmodern academic, "(text)ile art". I might call it that anyway—I never said I wasn't cheesy.


Mintyfresh said...

Everybody is making those log cabin squares with kickass fabric that makes me really really want to make one too.

Love the Kk centered in the pillow--perfect!!

Am I going to see you this Friday night? Or do I have to wait til next Friday?

lauren said...

This is one of my new favorite quilts EVER, and I loooove all your coordinating chairs. I have one of the fabric-covered versions in the tealish color, too!

lauren said...
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Jessica said...

Great pillow, gorgeous quilt. So nicely done.