Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stick a lunch in it, valentine

Warhol lunch bag

You've heard all the cynical anti-Valentine's arguments before, so suffice it to say that when I was in university I circulated a "Fuck Love" pamphlet of romance-gone-wrong poetry on St Val's. The Other is travelling for business today, so we can go out to dinner later without the wait, cost, and general stress of enforced sentiment. But I do like excuses to make stuff for people, so this is the lunch bag I've been promising for some time and gave to him just before he flew away. I adapted Tumbling Blocks's pattern so the seams would face in and used a thrifted vinyl tablecloth printed with Andy Warhol's Campbell's soup cans (the label gives the copyright to Campbell's, which supports my hypothesis that his art wouldn't be possible with today's infringement-frantic companies/lawyers).

So, grumpy old man tendencies aside, happy Valentine's Day, and my love to the Other!

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Sherri said...

What a great bag! you have some beautiful quilts and I LOVE your lamps! I love antique and vintage lamps. I have "tagged" you. Take a look at my blog for the rules. If you're interested in playing that's great; if not, that's great too, afterall what would a grumpy man, or woman, want with "tagging". It's really just a bother.