Friday, February 01, 2008

Ransom Note No. 3 picked for Under-Cover exhibition

Ransom Note No. 3

If you enjoyed No. 1 and No. 2 in my Ransom Note series of small quilts and happen to be in Brooklyn between February 7 and March 20, stop by Greenjeans to see Ransom Note No. 3. The Under-Cover exhibition also features 15 other quilts plus sculpture by Jane Kaufmann. I'm thrilled to be included, especially considering the caliber of quilts submitted (see them all here).

My walking foot had gone bust as I was quilting Ransom Note No. 2 for Youngest Brother—only the second time I'd used the foot—and the replacement foot arrived serendipitously the day before I had to ship No. 3 off to the gallery. When I told the woman at the sewing machine shop that I had to quilt a project that night to get it in the mail, her eyes bulged right out of her head, but fortunately a 10- by 12-inch quilt is feasibly machine-quilting in an evening.

Ransom Note No. 3

The opening reception for the show is February 6, 6–8pm, but unfortunately it's a bit of a trek to New York. I'd love to see the work in person and talk to the other quilters—small quilts (these are under 14 inches square) can really encourage creative approaches, and it'd be fascinating to hear what other people did and where the ideas came from. Say hello to the quilts and the artists for me if you can make it! I'll be following along as they post pictures on the Greenjeans website.


youngest brother said...

the mother told me about this. congratulations!!

Mintyfresh said...

I'm so proud of you!! That's completely awesome. I'll try to stop by the store to see it.