Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hippo quilt finished!

Megs opens the quilt

I was binding on the plane and then on the entire train journey from London up to Grasmere (where the quilt fended off anyone who might have snagged the open seat beside me), but I managed to get the quilt done just in time! Megan seemed very pleased with it, and it was not the only hippo-related item in her wedding booty—so my fears that perhaps her fascination had faded were assuaged!

A sunny day somehow got sandwiched in between clouds and rain in the Lake District, which made the wedding even nicer. And it was lovely to catch up with my English friends, of course—and to give my binding fingers a rest!

finished hippo quilt
(You can see the quilting better in this photo.)

hippo quilt back
The back

hippo quilt label
The label

Megan & Neil with the quilt

Considering the rush, I'm happy with how it turned out, and more importantly I'm glad Megs and Neil liked it too. Worth every stitch!


Libby said...

Oh gorgeous! What a treasure; of course she loved it!

middle brother said... even drew on the laundry instruction icons.

Very nice!

Mintyfresh said...

it's brilliant.

Lisa said...

This is so cool! I found you on Flickr (Fresh Modern Quilts) and have been enjoying reading through your blog. I love the circles quilt, too. And the bird quilt. Ok, I guess I just like all your quilts!

se said...

Where Can I get the hippo fabric, I have hippo lover who needs a quilt?