Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hippo quilt, part IV

Well, it was a late night, but I got the top done in time for my guild meeting this morning!

hippos quilt top all pieced

(Are the smaller prints doing some freaky moiré stuff on your screen, too?) The piecing was actually a breeze, especially with my amazing, wonderful, how-did-I-live-without-it sewing machine. But oh, the cutting. How I cursed myself for making a pattern with all the blocks different sizes. I'm pleased with how it looks, though, and I think Megan will like it too.

And sure enough, I discovered who amongst my guild had sold the fabric—it was Carol, who'd organized our quilt show's boutique (and probably contributed a hefty chunk of the wares). She's not a computer user, but thanks for the fabric, Carol! And for the inspiration, as well, since the colour scheme, type of secondary prints, and appliqués all came from the hippo fabric.

Now I've got a week to get it quilted and bound. Stitching in the ditch probably won't work, since some of the blocks are pretty big. I'm thinking probably some sort of diamond grid (interrupted where the appliqués are), but if anybody's got any brilliant ideas, I'm open. It just has to be straight lines—I'm still getting up to speed on free motion!


Bugsy said...

Cute quilt. I bet she'll love it. I actually like that the hippos are all pointing the same way.

Ann said...

Since hippos are round and chubby, you might want to try quilting with a grid of wide, wavy lines. It's just as easy to do as a straight line grid, without the stress of trying to keep the lines straight. Even with the feed dogs up and an even feed attachment, you can swoosh back and forth - no "free-motion" skills required.

magikquilter said...

Wonderful quilt....great job....think wavy quilting would b good too!

Feed Dog said...

Thanks everybody! I basted it yesterday and have to get it quilted by the end of tomorrow. I like the idea of wavy lines, but I'm a little nervous with the time crunch so I think I'm just gonna motor through whatever gridding I can get done.

Bugsy, I'm starting to come round to the hippos facing the same way too. Even the hippos on the red-background fabric point that way, so I'm chalking it up to herd movements.