Thursday, August 02, 2012

A trio of corded pillows

corded pillow trio

Between visiting family, a retreat with my appliqué friends, and some big work deadlines, I haven’t had a lot of time to commune with my sewing machine lately. But when I got the samples back from shooting my video, I fit in a quick sewing session to make some siblings for the corded houndstooth pillow from the demo.

corded pillows, closer

I really liked the original pillow’s black-and-white woven suiting framed with bright cord, so to round out the trio I used two more classic suitings, a herringbone and a nubby textured fabric, each with a different color for the piping. Using the envelope backing I show in the video made them quick, cheap, and easy additions to the sofascape, with just a bit of color and just a bit of texture.

What are your favorite simple pillow ideas?

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Heather said...

These look great!