Monday, September 25, 2006

Brothers' quilts

Middle Brother's quilt

Lest we think I'm the only one putting the Mother to use as sweatshop labor, above is the quilt she's working on for Middle Brother and his fiancée. As is probably evident by now, I'm a big fan of aqua, so I love it, and I'm sure Mr. and Mrs. Middle Brother will too. Isn't the Mother something? I can't even count how many different fabrics are in there.

Youngest Brother's quilt

This is the quilt she's making for Youngest Brother—it's Love Beads from The Modern Quilt Workshop (the same book that had the pattern for my Plain Spoken quilt). It's apparently sewn together now, but here it's up on the Mother's design wall in her purpose-built sewing room, the lucky cow. I'll be interested to see what she does with the quilting; I keep forgetting to ask her.

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Lisa said...

The Mother should have a blog, too!