Saturday, September 02, 2006

Plain Spoken quilt

I've been working for a couple weeks on the Plain Spoken quilt from The Modern Quilt Workshop. I'm rather pleased with how it's shaping up, if I do say so, though if I were to make it again I might use less red. I spent about two hours crawling around on the floor this morning trying to get rid of color adjacencies—it's like visual sudoku. At least, I think it is, but I've never played sudoku, so maybe I'm talking bollocks. Anyway, I need to get the blocks sewn together so I can have my living room back and stop treading all over the fabric. So far the mice thankfully haven't thought it fit to nibble on.

The blocks laid out with no red touching red and none of the same greys touching. When it's all sewn together, the lines will be nice and straight (that is, assuming my piecing was accurate, which is a big assumption). If I only had a design wall...sigh. At least there was enough floor space.

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Anonymous said...

What an excellent first quilt! Since I'm female (and a little more inclined to the traditional) these aren't colors I would choose for me -- but it's great. I bet you would find lots of inspiration in the Gee's Bend Quilts -- you ought to look at a book or the postage stamps that are being sold now. Keep quilting!