Monday, September 04, 2006

Plain Spoken progress

Finished piecing the quilt rows together late last night and took this picture before I stacked the rows to reclaim my floor. I still need to press the seams and get the rows sewn together, but I've spent the afternoon frustrating myself by trying to fashion a Palm Pilot Notebook (perfect for the MacBook-deprived) without using a soldering iron. Alas, I am foiled. Soldering is next on the list of techniques to learn.

I checked on Flickr to see what other people had done with the Plain Spoken pattern (links below). They make me want to do a bunch of other ones in different palettes, but I'll probably try something new for the next quilt. Particularly since I had to rely on my marvellous mum for solid fabrics—there's not a quilt shop to be had in this town!

The second link shows a quilt with some patterned fabric thrown in, which makes for an intriguing variation.

Blues, creams, and browns
Two different versions by hey skinny
Autumnal colors
Bright and cheerful on Dioramarama

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Minty said...


Excellent job keeping the colors untouching, a feat unto itself. Can't wait to see it all finished up.