Monday, August 29, 2011

Giveaway: Vote for your favorite block to choose a winner!

Update: The high volume of votes have created technical difficulties...the original poll is now closed, and the 3 leading blocks enter the finalist round. Vote for your favorite finalist in the blog sidebar, even if you voted in the first round!

The entries are in for the AccuQuilt block design contest—who wins the Go Baby cutter and dies depends on whose block is your favorite. Take a look at all the entries, then vote at the bottom of the post (votes are limited to one per person/IP address, so choose carefully!). Voting ends Sunday, September 4 at 11:59pm PT.

I’m thrilled that these blocks use AccuQuilt dies in clever ways I never would have thought of. The dies each designer used are listed so we can all benefit from their creativity. In general I’ve listed extra info the designers sent regarding block size, specific die shapes used, etc.—a couple designers also sent pictures of quilt layouts using their blocks, but in fairness to everybody I’m just posting the blocks themselves. But keep potential block settings in mind when picking your favorite!

Thanks and good luck to everyone who entered, and thanks for voting!

Anne V.


Dies used (10" × 10" block):

Barbara D.

Dies used:

Belinda K.

Dies used (12" × 12" block):

Darlene M.

DarleneM (767x800)
Dies used (starting from a basket block in the EQ7 Block Library):

Michelle F.

MichelleF (800x800)
Dies used:

Michelle S.

Dies used:

Sara P.

Dies used:


Cast your vote for the winner below (if your browser doesn’t allow scripts, click the link to view the poll and cast your vote). Vote for a finalist in the sidebar!


Vireya said...

The voting doesn't seem to be working. I clicked one and sat there for a while looking like it might do something, but it never went through. When I looked at the results they are all showing as zero.

Unknown said...

Is anybody else having trouble? Make sure you hit the Vote button at the bottom of the choices to "lock in your vote," in the immortal words of Bob Saget.