Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Announcing Feed Dog Flurry, a countdown to Christmas

fdf2010As I mentioned in my snowman pattern post, I’m planning to celebrate Christmas with all sorts of regular goodies here on the Feed Dog blog. Maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot adding another task to the December to-do list, but I’m aiming for a post every day between now and Christmas. (OK, it’s in writing; now I have to do it…)

To kick things off, I’ve refreshed the blog template for the first time in, oh, forever. I made the festive snowflake background because snowflakes have become my holiday motif of choice (that sounds less cheesy than “theme,” doesn’t it? No? Well, if the cheese fits…) this year. And they fit so nicely into a hexagon, which of course is a quilterly shape if there ever was one. (That is, they fit into a hexagon if they’re six-pointed, as snowflakes are in nature. I’ll have none of this eight-pointed snowflake nonsense. OK, I’ll probably have a little of it this month, so don’t hold me to anything. But in my book a snowflake has six sides for authenticity and aesthetics.)

Everybody’s busy this time of year, so the tutorials and projects I come up with will be relatively simple. I’ve been obsessively making snowflake ornaments because they’re quick and fun, so expect to see some tutes for them—some with a sewing machine, but probably more often a glue gun will be all you need. I’m a quilter at heart, but this Christmas is bringing out the miscellaneous artsy-craftsy youth somewhere inside me. That, or it’s a Valium-popping ’70s housewife who sticks sequins on Styrofoam balls to numb the pain of boredom. If either of those characters sound familiar, then follow me for a flurry of posts from now till the big day.

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