Saturday, December 04, 2010

Snowflake pillow by Youngest Brother

fleece snowflake pillow

Feed Dog Flurry Just a photo today, since it’s the weekend… Youngest Brother made this lovely fleece snowflake pillow for me a couple years ago, and it’s still fitting right in with my Christmas deco.

While trying to figure out what magazine he got the pattern from (Quick Quilts from January 2008), I discovered that he’d given me more of a gift than I even knew: according to, the magazine calls for velveteen. Thankfully Youngest Brother knows that touching velvet, velveteen, and similarly nappy fabrics makes me cringe in fingernails-on-a-chalkboard fashion. Seriously. It creeps me out royally—I can honestly say I will probably never sew anything with velvet. I know, never say never, but even the thought makes my skin crawl. Velvet ain’t no luxury fabric in my book. Is that weird?

Thanks for remembering my delicate sensibilities, Bro!

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Marglow said...

How extremely odd that velvet freaks you out! I was so entertained by this, thank you for sharing your quirk ;-) . I am currently getting ready to attempt your bird crossing quilt which I have adored since I bought the magazine- and then came across you blog searching out ideas. Thanks for sharing! I will have to send you a pic when I finish... That could be a while!