Monday, December 20, 2010

Feeling unfestive

ornament broken by Felis Domesticus Minor

Feed Dog Flurry The day started with Felis Domesticus Minor shattering my favorite Christmas ornament, the fifth bauble to fall victim to her yuletide reign of terror. The previous casualties had been relatively simple ornaments, but this aqua starburst one will be sorely missed. The little dirtbag of a kitten has, unsurprisingly, made decorating for the holidays a challenge.

Felis Domesticus Minor perched

Oooo, doesn’t she look sweet perched on the pillow and tree skirt? Ha! You say sweet, I say smug. The reason the skirt was on the back of the chair in the first place was to halt her developing interest in it while it sat on the floor—you can see how well that worked.

With my computer behaving like a bratty child, professional exploits showing no signs of slowing, and gift lists languishing, I’m feeling the seasonal stress. According to the four places I checked tonight, it’s also too late to buy stamps for Christmas cards now, which really put me in a snit. So family, please excuse the late gifts, and business contacts, please excuse the late cards!

And readers, please excuse the cranky attitude. But while I’m in a strop, who better to give you an ornament tutorial than the bitch herself? Here’re a couple knotted ribbon star ornaments I made with instructions from Martha Stewart:

aqua ribbon star ornament

silver ribbon star ornament

Oh, that reminds me: Felis Domesticus Minor has been puking up ribbon all over the place too. Her charms never cease.

OK, venting over. Holiday cheer will return tomorrow.


Katy said...

I've given up arranging the christmas cards - no sooner than they're up a certain cat comes along and picks each one up in his mouth and spits it back out again. You'd think the game would become boring. It appears not.
So I'll join you on the unfestive cheer.

trash said...

Perhaps you could retrain the FDMnr to only terrorise and ingest carpet fluff and detritus?

Anonymous said...

I like the spray bottle under the tree.